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A Psychotherapist is trained to listen attentively to what the client says and at the same time pick up on things that may be communicated unconsciously. Psychotherapy will help you become aware of things you do and say unconsciously which ultimately affect your feelings,emotions and behaviours. By living a more conscious life you can adjust the patterns of your life, be more in control and more able to make changes that are needed for your happiness and well being.

You will gain insight on how to live at your full potential
You will feel more confident
You will improve the quality of your relationships
You will regain your wellbeing and your balance
You will feel happier and hopeful again
Your symptoms will decrease
You will close any unfinished business that is preventing you to feel good about yourself
You will reach a unique perspective on life

As you journey along the path of positive change and empowerment, with an aim at recovering your well being r you will begin to feel calm and serene again. In order to raise your self-awareness, we will explore your emotions, feelings, thoughts, behaviours and beliefs. Through psychotherapy, you will become aware of how they manifest themselves to you and how they shape the way in which you respond to events and changes in your environment.

You will be able to dismiss dysfunctional patterns of behaviours and discover new, healthier and happier ways of living. You will understand yourself, your personal goals and your values better. As a result, you will be able to recognise and express your true Self: thanks to psychotherapy you will reach your full potential.

Together, in psychotherapy,positive change and improvement to your life will happen . We are all vulnerable in today’s stressful world; it is not uncommon to feel lost or confused from time to time, or to experience symptoms, unhelpful behaviours or a lack of confidence. These are things that we all go through and at times need help to overcome.


Psychotherapy is a collaboration where both you and the therapist work together.The format of our sessions can vary depending on the priorities and immediate needs presented.

Various techniques and therapies are used as not two clients are alike and have different needs and goals. I specialise in responding to my clients unique situations, by developing individually tailored programmes of therapy for each and every one of them.

It is not an instant treatment.It brings lasting change to your life by helping you discover and establish new ways of seeing and being in the world. Treatment ends when new patterns are firmly established as a habit.

You can live a calmer, happier, much more relaxed, balanced life- CALL NOW

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